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A. C. Absorption Dynamometers


This is a single phase or three phase alternator, of special design, depending upon its capacity and application.The power developed by the prime mover is absorbed in a load bank.

Dynamometer controller for A.C. Absorption Dynamometer.

Load control is obtained partly by armature control(coarse), and partly by field control, (fine).


AC Absorption dynamometers are ideally suited for testing petrol engines for mopeds and electrical F.H.P. motors. Their main advantage lies in the fact that they are self aircooled and hence water cooling or additional air cooling is not required. This advantage is particularly significant in case of moped engines and F.H.P. motors, which are also aircooled.

Dynamometer Controller and step loader
for A.C. Absorption Dynamometer
Control panel to test Electric
Motors and Engines.

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