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We wish to introduce ourselves as manufacturers of all types of Dynamometers including Prony Brakes, Hydraulic, Eddy Current Dynamometers, A.C. Absorption Dynamometers, Electronic Industrial Control Systems such as D.C. Power Drives, Fuel Consumption Measuring System for diesel and petrol engines, Safety Switches, PID controls, computer addon cards, SCR Controllers and related electronic control/indication equipment for Eddy Current Dynamometers etc. Mr. A.V.Tembe was the Managing Director in Associated Elektrodyne Industries (P) Ltd., Pune - 4.

Mr. A.V.Tembe has established a unit for manufacturing Eddy Current Dynamometers and Electronic Controllers with a previous experience of nearly twenty five years in Mechanical Engineering and Electronic Control systems. The first Eddy Current Dynamometer and A.C. Absorption Dynamometer were manufactured in INDIA by Mr. A.V.Tembe in 1969. In INDIA we are pioneers in this field. This firm is registered as a Small Scale Industry having Permanant Registration No. 111936714 dated 09-01-1998.

We assure you best quality, high reliability and very sophisticated yet simple to operate electronic system. We have complete know-how in electrical, electronic and mechanical systems required for manufacturing Eddy Current Dynamometers.

We also undertake repairs and annual maintenance contract of dynamometer related control system and design of replacement cards. We also undertake updating of computer controls for testing I.C. engines.

We extend our facilities in consultancy in the field of engine test-bed planning, layout of test beds and computer programming of test cycles.

We also undertake repairs and annual maintenance service contract for Eddy Current Dynamometers, A.C. Absorption Dynamometers manufactured by Associated Elektrodyne Industries Pvt. Ltd. and also other makes of dynamometers including imported dynamometers.

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